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Why figma is great? | UI/UX design| Creative| Allin1hub Reviews

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

For those of you who are new to the concept of UI/UX design, we got you covered over here. Figma is the one-stop destination for all the cross-platform designers as it provides the best tools and sharing experience for your entire team. If you read this blog completely, you will get:

1) Figma: What is it and Why to use it?

2) Figma: Main Attraction

3) Figma: Why I started using it?

What is Figma?

Figma is a cross-platform prototyping application which is committed to focusing only on one thing: Design. Their mission is to make design accessible to everyone and the best way to do that is to design together. It offers you a variety of choices while designing such as which whiteboard size ( iPhone, Pixel, Instagram, and many more ).

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Why use Figma?

When you are creating a new design for your company or website, it is important to save time as well as deliver the design as quickly as possible. Without involving yourself in the code and technical aspects you can just focus on the design itself. Figma also has hot refresh which means that if you change something in your design it will be automatically reflected by your team members with your name tagged to change.

Main Attraction!

First of all, it is FREE for everyone to use! Figma offers you the browser option which means that you can do all the editing and designing without installing the native application on your system. When you are sharing your design with your team or anyone, live feedback and changes can be done by your team members. It also has a wide range of supported libraries such as stubborn and many more which gives you the option to control the core functions of a vector image.

Why did I start using Figma?

I was working on a project, where I had to learn to design with time as scarcity and I wanted to avoid the hassle of coding because it would take a lot of time for coding. So I started searching for libraries that can help with designing and I came across Stubborn, which can be used in Figma. From that moment, whenever I want to design Figma is the only tool that I prefer.

Here you have folks it, if you are interested in designing, UI/UX or becoming the Steve Jobs of creativity Figma got you covered over here!

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