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Why every Engineer student should do this free AutoCAD course? | Allin1hub Reviews

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What is this course about?

AutoCAD Is a computer aided design software which is used in bulk to create and edit 2-dimnesional or 3-dimensional design quickly.

The learnvern AutoCAD Tutorial course is designed from beginners to advance so that every student or professional should learn essentials to execute easily.

And the best Part of learnvern online learning platform is that they provide course in vernacular languages which is interesting isn't it?

Certificate or not ?

The answer is no, learnvern doesn not provide a free certificate to all those who completed the given course. But learnvern provide certificate of completion to those students who purchase the course of 499/- rupees only

After completing quizzes, assessments and projects to upskill your learning.

In learnvern I found it very rarely in other online course platforms that you are automatically eligible for a civil engineering internship at free of cost amazing right?


So we already told you that AutoCAD COURSE is free of cost any student or professional wants to learn are welcome to the course.

What is in the course?

Course content start from beginners to advance level therefore students don't need to worry about where I can study basic level, so it's all here Allinone course!

And the unique part of the course is you can learn a course in Hindi language. If you are from INDIA or any Asian country where Hindi language is popular so, it's your course.

Rating to the course -

Here's last but not least I give my rating to this course is 9 from 10.

Tell me in the comment section what do you think about this course and post your rating, so everyone can see what is your opinion on the course.

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