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Why become an Apple Teacher? | APPLE | Review | Allin1hub | For Resume, CV

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

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Hello Learners!

We all have heard about Apple and their products. Yet do you know apple provide free online course? Today we are going to go through a short review on Apple Teacher an online course provided by apple. (This Review will help you know if you should this course or not)

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: Apple

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes from Apple + You get Badge from Apple + You get social media frame from apple (Check my cert -- Apple Teacher)

Duration: Approx: Depends on learners

In this blog you will get answer to following questions:

1. What is Apple Teacher Online Course?

2. Why you should do this course?

3. Content of the course

4. My experience

What is Apple Teacher?

Apple Teacher is a free learning platform provided by Apple for educators, teachers, learners. On this platform you can learn about apple products...currently iPad, Mac is available. You will get to know the deep features of this product. You can then teach others or use ipad, mac more effectively.

Why you should do this course?

Well the answer is pretty simple! It's from Apple, Official apple now apple don't just provide free training right? Anyway here are some more reasons

  • You get to learn the features of iPad, Mac which even the owners don't know about

  • There is also a free course on "Swift" the coding language used to create iOS apps now being certified in it is a big thing.

  • Recognition as a apple teacher from apple

  • Something unique!

Content of the course:


  • iPad

  • Pages for iPad

  • Keynote

  • Numbers

  • iMovie

  • Garageband

Now each module have sub-modules, you need to complete all sub-modules to earn a badge for a single module. Similarly you need to earn 6 badges to get certified and become Apple Teacher!

(Remember there are 5 quiz questions for each module, you need to pass all the quiz questions)

My Experience:

  1. I have more knowledge about iPad features than all my peers who own iPad

  2. It feels pretty great to be recognized by Apple

  3. The con of the course is that their is not video in the course like coursera, udacity

  4. The social badge, social media frame helps me be unique around my peers

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Keep Learning!

Have you done this course? We would love to hear from you as well! Just Comment your review below.

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