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What is the importance of Social Media Marketing? | Free Certificate | LinkedIn learning

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Before we start, let's look at some course details:

Offered By: LinkedIn

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes, from LinkedIn

Duration: 1 Hour Only

Target Audience: Beginners (No need for any technical knowledge)

What is social media marketing?

Many of us know that social media marketing is the one most essential strategy to market your niche or your skill to the targeted users. Many of us have particular skills but only a few of them know to use their skill and get success and earn money from their client.

So, the idea behind social media is to reach as many users and audiences to promote the content. One of the popular social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, audiences, and TikTok has the highest no user base from these social media the marketing can be easily done.

Why you have to start social media marketing?

By regular update of your social media account, you will get leads and build healthier relationships with the users and also it will increase traffic and build better SEO with better awareness throughout your niche.

What you’ll learn from the course

  1. How to build a strategy for social media

  2. Swot analysis for social platforms

  3. How to view competitors and learn from them

  4. How to target users by demographics

  5. Develop paid and earned strategy

The content you’ll learn from the course

  1. Steps to start marketing

  2. develop goals and objective

  3. Swot analysis for social media

  4. Turning strategy into action

  5. Refining your content mix

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