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What Is Job Talks With HR ? | Interview Questions, Salary Tips, Career Advice And Skills

job talks with hr is the podcast where recruiters share tips to get a job
Podcast To Help You Find A Job

Wonder how everyone around you is getting jobs, yet no you!

Wondering, why are some fields of works paid in tens of lakhs or in thousands of dollars while some are paid in small contribution?

When you enter an interview, there is this bomb question, " Tell me about yourself "

What is the right salary that I should ask?

If the above are your questions daily then you and only then this is for you?

And you already heard this before, where you go on YouTube and search for " HR Interview Questions " and below are the results

You watch all of them along with the ones that say, " Salary Tips " and then you go on to interview only to fail terribly

Hit by déjà vu?

Now, sit down and:

Imagine a podcast where you will get to know all the reasons behind the interview questions and getting answers to most stupidest questions which even the recruiters agree!

A podcast which is unique in 3 ways

  1. The advice is provide by the Recruiter themselves

  2. Podcast Is Live On YouTube every Sunday. You can ask live questions to recruiters!

  3. Interview based scenarios only covered

Here's one more bonus: All the recruiters LinkedIn Id and email address are available to you.

You can contact them directly to seek guidance.

Here's what you as a job seeker get:

  1. How to get your dream job?

  2. Real time conversation with HR

  3. Professional advice on how to crack any interview

Added Bonus: Salary tips, book recommendation, body language for interview

Not Impressed? Read This

Every candidate fears that,

" What will happen if I am unable to any job? "

" Will I be able to get this job or not? "

" Why am I not getting a raise? "

" Should I do this degree? "

" Am I getting fired? "

" Recession?!! "

If after reading these questions, if you didn't get the thought of " What will happen if this happens with me? "... Congratulations! You have already listened to Job Talks With HR.

We have interviewed many recruiters from USA, Brazil, India and many more.

Everyone has shared their advice, tips on how to land a job and get ahead in your career.

Here's a couple of HR Tips that you will find you useful to get your dream job:

HR Advice #2 from Swati Pandey :

swati pandey on job talks with hr
Swati Pandey- HR Specialist

HR Advice #4 From Maria Wittenberger:

HR Advice #5 from Dandan Zhu:

salary advices given by job talks with hr
Dandan Zhu, Head Hunter And Founder Of DG Recruit

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