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Types of online course for beginners | Allin1hub

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Many of us did courses from various course platform from different subjects,

Many students love online courses, and they want to learn everything without spending a penny from their pocket.

So, today we are in this blog going to see the type of courses that most of us encountered and completed.

Let's begin,

Types of courses for students :

1. Quiz course :

Quiz and aptitude is the basic structure of course and many course creators put quiz and aptitude test to test your knowledge and enable you to achieve certificate of completion.

2. Short courses :

As I always say that short courses are future and many of us already made, and many students also complete the course. And advantage of completing a short course is that you gain confidence and basic learning from that subject.

3. Audit courses :

Audit are the courses where you can learn the full course but at the end you didn't receive the course certificate. Audit course structure is available on platform Coursera, EDX etc.

4. E-Book / PDF :

Resources file is important as video lecture in online courses.

Courses contain PDF or e-book files to educate learners and give video summery that they have finished learning.

5. Interactive videos :

Interactive learning is the best learning that many students preferred.

In interactive videos, students learn more of practical aspects of the subject, and begin to execute the same step they have learned from course creator.

Almost all online course platform contain this type of course structure such as Coursera, skill share, Udemy, Alison academy and many more.

6. AR/VR learning :

Virtual reality is the next big thing after Artificial intelligence.

In short, Virtual reality is the stimulated reality that can be similar to real world, but it is not, Many learners can take experience of driving car or airplane out of Virtual reality.

Best application of Virtual reality is in military training, video games and meeting.

7. Big courses :