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The Art of non-verbal communication | LinkedIn learning | Allin1hib Review | 2 minute read

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: LinkedIn

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes from LinkedIn

Duration: Approx: 1Hrs

What is non-verbal communication?

Non-verbal communication is often referred to as non-verbal behaviour, or body language which refers to transmitting information through body languages such as touching the face and neck, physical movement(kinesics), voice tone, and even your body posture which represents your behaviour and thinking process.

Why understanding non-verbal communication is important?

Whenever your observation of other personal behavior language helps to understand the state of mind, feelings, and even clarify his or her words throughout the communication. And researchers say, those who can effectively read people's body language will manage to perceive others in their life.

What you’ll learn from the course;

  1. How to read body language,

  2. Importance of the first impression,

  3. Displaying confidence through body language,

  4. Communicating with hands and feet,

  5. Analyzing vocal tone,

  6. Key tips for shaking hands.

What I learned from the course;

  1. Non-verbal communication is as important as visual communication, and verbal communication which represents how people behave from establishing eye contact with people to handshake.

  2. One of the best modules is how to represent yourself in running an interview on how your smallest details of the body are revealing.

  3. Leadership requires empathy towards employees & how to make others comfortable in cross-culture.

Course link- body language

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