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Startup India certification-upGrad | Allin1hub Review | 2 minute read| Abhishek Patil

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What is the startup India course?

The Startup India certification course is provided by upGrad it is a collaborative initiative with the startup India government. UpGrad provided the free certification course to those who wanted to become entrepreneurs and learn the startup strategy.

Why the startup India course?

Startup India is a free course where you can learn from top India startup owners and sharing tips, & top skills require for a business. Most of the company has fast working teams that make a great impact on the company revenue I.e. you will know how to create blended teams and recruit the best talent for the startup.

What you’ll learn from the course

  1. Identifying and assessing ideas

  2. Permits, Registrations, compliances

  3. Target segmentation and positioning

  4. Making of business model

  5. Choosing the right legal structure

  6. Break-even analysis

  7. Pitch presentation

What I learned from the course

  1. Identifying and assessing the best ideas is the beginning of the company and execution of these ideas in a perfect manner will scale as well as brand your company.

  2. There is two working capital firstly permeant working capital and the second one is fluctuating working capital which distinguishes the working capital and how to manage it.

  3. Develop mutually agreeable vendor contracts for business.

  4. Marketing segmentation of the basis of demographic, geographic, and behaviors factors and how-to covert actions from the internal insights.

  5. And the most important factor is how to register the entity and selecting the legal.

Course link-

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