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2021 FREE SQL CERTIFICATION COURSE FROM IBM! | Database | Allin1hub SQL Reviews

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

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For those of you the concept of SQL ( Structured Query Line ) is new, in one line: SQL is storing anything on your database in table format and fetching it back to view or work on it. If you read this blog completely you will get:

1) IBM SQL Foundations: What is it and Why to do it?

2) IBM SQL Foundations: Main Attraction

3) IBM SQL Foundations: Who should learn it?

What is IBM SQL Foundation?

IBM has given a single source to learn all about SQL basics within 3 hours. You'll start by learning about the relational model and relational model concepts and constraints. By the end of this course, you will have learned and used the five basic SQL statements, some advanced SQL syntax, and join statements.

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Why do IBM SQL Foundations?

Learning SQL was never too much fun to begin, as it was just a command-line interface to code at. However, within this course coding and interactive way of teaching, and doing quizzes to complete a particular module at the end, is completely a lively experience.

Main Attraction!

It is FREE! And to top it off, you get to hear many executive-level experts such as CEO and CTO. For me, it was the relationship module, as I could only understand it by going to the relationship module. The types of joins, and working with multiple tables are taken to their core part.

Who should do IBM SQL Foundations?

Anyone who is starting to learn computer and coding, and is curious to store the data and use it sometime later in their projects should do this course.

I would give the course 8 out of 10 for its video lecture and the expert-level knowledge that it packs inside.

Here you have it, folks, if you are interested in creating your database or learning big data, creating your data warehouse, IBM got you into a tabular format!

Course link: IBM SQL Foundations

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~ Keep Learning!

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