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How To Make More Plain Writing By Doing Less | Allin1hub Review | LinkedIn Learning | Abhishek Patil

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

(This is a Short Course Review on: Writing in the plain language provided by LinkedIn Learning. I had myself completed this course, so it will help you gain knowledge about what course offers and should you do it or not)

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: LinkedIn Learning platform

Cost: Free (For a limited time - March 2021)

Certificate: Yes Verified One (Free)

Duration: Approx 1hrs

Why learn and write Plain writing?

In the modern era they say, people don’t read anymore, but that’s not true, but they find content long and too technical to understand that’s why most people strive to write in plain language.

If future writer or blogger wants to learn how to write in plain language and answering your readers' questions through an article, that’s the advantage of plain writing

This image about writing in plain text. At allin1hub you will find many courses yet this is an unique course
Writing in plain text | Allin1hub

What did I learn from the course?

1. Anticipate readers' questions for better outcomes, plain language is all about understanding what the reader will ask about the topic. It's about anticipating and answering readers' questions.

2. Write in plain language which made them take an action on readers to sequence your content so that the readers need to do after the previous step they've read and made steps easy to see and meaningful.

3. Most upfront writers do this trick, they put the main concept of the topic at the end at that time readers get through all the unwanted information they don’t want to read. Therefore, put the bottom line upfront by putting the main concept at the top.

4. The fascinating concept I have learned from the course is to keep engage the readers and start writing with addressing as you which is accepted by readers and start writing in small paragraphs nobody going to read gigantic paragraphs, therefore, make it short.

What you will learn from the course?

1. Writing for better outcomes

2. Write to increase comprehension

3. Write in modern style to attract readers

4. start Writing in plain sentence and words

Thank you for taking time and reading our blog! As always, if you don't have knowledge about the above topic then you need to do this course as it is free for now with a verified certificate!

Link to the course- Writing in plain writing

Keep learning and growing!

Have you done this course? We would love to hear from you as well! So Just comment on your review below.

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