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This Week's Top Stories About Emotional Intelligence |2 Minute Read | Allin1hub Review |

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What is Emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is understanding & expressing emotions with logical sense & being empathetic while talking to each other's and manage with a high degree of positivity.

Emotional intelligence is the relations between your co-workers having deep communications and asking them to express feelings in order to help them. But personality & IQ doesn’t predict emotional intelligence.

Although there is other intelligence also, but they consist of very significant difference

This image is about EQ course by linkedin. At allin1hub you will be find courses on this topic
Emotional Intelligence | Allin1hub

Let's learn about EQ vs IQ

EQ is the emotional quotient helps people to understand emotions in ourselves and others, by communicating with others with our feelings. Similarly, we can measure our EQ by being aware of your emotions & expressing and controlling emotions.

IQ in simple terms known as cognitive intelligence. This intelligence is most people familiar with on a daily basis, basically, IQ is the measurement of intelligence in every field; however, IQ doesn’t play many roles in social life.

5 components building emotional intelligence

According to Daniel Goleman, there are five elements of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-awareness;

  • Self-regulation;

  • Social awareness/social skills;

  • Empathy;

  • Motivation;

Self Awareness | Allin1hub

Self-awareness is recognizing your emotions and manage it to control subsequent behavior your level of EI will define how you react to challenging situations. after understanding your emotions for others as well as for yourself you will find the FLOW when you are in the loved workplace time passes without even noticing which is a positive aspect of EI to achieve peak performance & build focus.

This image is about EQ a course by linkedin. At allin1hub you will find many courses on it
Self Regulation | Allin1hub

Self-regulation is a one-step further but we must not only recognize our feeling also to express and regulate our loved ones.

This image of friends added on allin1hub
Social | Allin1hub

Social awareness is the ability to identify feelings & needs of close relation friends, so how do you understand your partner's emotions; basics are to shifting perspective seek differa ent point of views instead of always judgmental. empathizing is a key predictor of EI's ability to sense others' emotions. And are able to interact efficiently with others.

Be Grateful | Allin1hub

Empathy defines the ability to see others from their perspectives they feel and recognize others on an intimate level. They love to put themselves in other shoes to know what are their pain and happiness towards goals.

Motivation lasts just believe. Find motivation at allin1hub
You can do it | Allin1hub

Motivation is an essential way to increase your EI from motivation speeches & readings books give u a different mindset toward problem-solving and decision-making which pave to success. Motivation build your confidence in every situation even if you fail you will grow yourself by never repeating mistakes what has done.

People who have high EQ are generally intrinsic motivation seekers, in other words, those who get motivated by internal energy and very vibrant and are not shy towards others. They see things from their perspective and they never back off from what they say.

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