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Top 5 tips to Content marketing strategy | COURSERA | ALLIN1HUB REVIEW | Abhishek Patil

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

(This is a Short Course Review on: The Strategy of Content Marketing provided by Coursera I had myself completed this course so all the below words is what I learned from the course)

Before we start, let's look at some course details:

Offered By: COURSERA, University of California

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes from COURSERA (Until Dec 2020)

Duration: Approx: Approx. 21hrs (Depends on learners)


Content marketing is the strategic creation of text, images, or video & sharing and promoting your content message to relevant people to get a notice about their products and services.

This image is about content marketing from coursera which is also free with certificate
Content Marketing | Allin1hub

Steps to content marketing -

1. Move the audience- The audience is people who at different stages in how they connect to the company must earn attention through social media platforms. So the person can pass to another person in simple words it's called word of mouth.

2. Make awareness- What if people don't know your story about your brand or company so create someone's fascinating story about the company to people to connect them better. Improve your SEO better with user interacted keyword that will target your audience are searching to find content like yours.

3. Use headline- Headline is the most effective way to grab someone's attention hook your audience with your story, humour, and focus on a single point to not confuse. Its always better to adapt headlines from material that is outside the topic you are writing.

4. Expand your network-Take a chance and make a remarkable impression from various social media platforms hence it gives better reach as well as it will engage your people through your content and after analyzing content professional ethics.

5. Craft content- Content has to be meaningful information should be helpful to others this will target your audience blend interesting topics using analogies and metaphors always try to experiment with your content this will bring your creativity a peak and your audience engaged.

This course is for anyone who is getting started in writing, blogging, or marketing. This course doesn't require any prior knowledge! I believe it helps!

Course Link - The Strategy of Content Marketing

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Abhishek Patil,

Co-Founder, Allin1hub