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Adobe xd free online certification course from Adobe | Allin1hub Review | Sundaraman Iyer

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

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(This is a Short Course Review on: Adobe XD Online Course provided by Adobe. I had myself completed this course so all the below words is what I learned from the course)

So, you are here to learn about how to get Creative and create your app prototype!

With Adobe XD, prototyping becomes the easiest part.

Course Instructors: Freddie Clarke, Greg Hodgson, Melissa Arnold, Mark Shufflebottom, Jo Penniston

Who is this course for: Teachers and Educators

Course duration: 3hrs

Here's the answer to all of it.

As we all know, what adobe is famous. For learners, Adobe provides you with a bunch of software and tools, to bring your creative and imaginative world into existence. With Adobe XD, you can create news app designs, logos, custom UI for all your website for free, whereas much other software charges you. This course provides you with an overview of UX principles and how to create your UI in a short video. Thinking about prototyping is also covered in these courses with step by step method to fit whichever device you want. Testing your entire creation under the stress of a user is very much important, here the basic principle such as "YOU are not a USER", and many more principles are highlighted. A small activity is taken into account once you have completed your course. You have to create and submit a project of your own on their platform, which will be reviewed by the Adobe Team. This is a necessary step as this ensures you receive your certificate and batch.

Once you submit your work, it takes 2 weeks to review your account and batch by Adobe Team.

Final thoughts on this course, there is a lot which you can create XD, however, here you are exposed to the limited number of experiences. You can google most of the uses on XD, however, it is considered as of great significance if you are an authorized educator from adobe.


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