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Really you don't have time... 30 seconds?

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

At Allin1hub admitted that our learners have more to do in life than to complete a 30+ hours course. Yeah! It is true because everyone is different and with that, we started to think how can we get you the knowledge you need and save time as well on that.

We thought of your benefit and introduced Allin1hubshorts- Learn anything under 30 seconds. As simple as the slogan is, just watch 30 seconds short videos on what you want to learn.

Well okay... what does it cover?

Heard of Bitcoin and blockchain?

Well yes, the shorts cover technology from the latest trends, computer nerds questions to interview questions that you are being asked every time and everywhere.

Got a job and want to know how to multiply money? ( I know you want to know it )

Well yes, the shorts cover personal finance from teaching you the basics of finance to investing and also giving the names of books to read for personal benefit.

Got interest in cars? Electronics, and mechanics of Automobiles? @Tesla geeks #EV

Yup, in the playlist too! Benefit, you now know what to look for in a car when you are buying one... Just kidding! You the automobile concepts that are available in books in an animated video under 30 seconds.

That's a whole of videos you're wondering and guess what 250+ videos. Start by learning small 1 video per day, but that's a blog for another on how to use allin1hubshorts to your benefit?

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