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Php full course for beginners under 5 hours| freecodecamp| All1inhub

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Some course details:

1. Offered By: Free Code Camp

2. Cost: Free!!

3. Certificate: No

4. Duration: 5 hrs (Depends on learner)

5. Course Type: Videos

6. Allin1hub Ratings: 9/10

freeCodeCamp php 2021 full course on allin1hub
freeCodeCamp PHP full course| allin1hub

7. What is this course all about?

The course is designed for new programmers and will introduce common programming topics using the PHP language.

8. What are the Prerequisites?


9. How can I register for the course?

No sign up- directly start the course!

10. Content of the course:

  1. Writing HTML

  2. Variables

  3. Data Types

  4. Working With Strings

  5. Working With Numbers

  6. Getting User Input

  7. Building a Basic Calculator

  8. Building a Mad Libs Game

  9. URL Parameters

  10. POST vs GET

  11. Arrays

  12. Using Checkboxes

  13. Associative Arrays

  14. Functions

  15. Return Statements

  16. If Statements

  17. If Statements (continued)

  18. Building a Better Calculator

  19. Switch Statements

  20. While Loops

  21. For Loops


  23. Including HTML

  24. Include: PHP

  25. Classes & Objects

  26. Constructors

  27. Object Functions - PHP - Tutorial 31

  28. Getters & Setters

  29. Getters & Setters

11. What's the best thing about the course?

This course contains examples and in the end you can develop your website from scratch

Click on the course link:

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