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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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Oracle database course Database For Developers : Foundations will help you get started with Oracle Database and SQL. The course is a series of videos to teach you database concepts to interactive SQL tutorials & quizzes to reinforce the ideas.

Hello Learners!

Here's another course review coming from us, today it is about the SQL! If you are into sql or just want to gain some knowledge about SQL then this course is for you! (This Review will help you know if you should this course or not)

Let's look at some course details:

Offered By: ORACLE

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes from ORACLE

Duration: 4hrs (Depends on learners)

Target Audience: Beginners (No need of any technical knowledge)

In this video you will get answer to following questions:

1. What is Database for developers: Foundations by ORACLE all about?

2. Why you should do this course?

3. Content of the course

4. Main Attraction to do this course (Types of tables)

5. My Experience

What is the format of this course?

The course is a combination of:

  1. Videos designed to teach you database concepts.

  2. Coding tutorials for you to practice your skills.

  3. Quizzes to deepen your knowledge.

1. What is Database for developers: Foundations by ORACLE all about?

This course is for anyone who don't have any prior knowledge in SQL or Oracle SQL, it is an interactive course in which Chris Saxon explains complex concepts in a simple way using real-life examples.

2. Why you should do this course?

  • After every video you need to practice the code and after that there is quiz as well, so you learn Oracle practically.

  • Simple and short

  • Taught by the professional who himself is a developer and have good experience

  • Interactive Videos

  • As said before hard concepts taught in easy way

3. Content of the course

Module 1: Tables

Module 2: Columns and Data Types

Module 3: Data Modeling

Module 4: Tables, Columns and Modeling Review

Module 5: Select and Where

Module 6: Joins

Module 7: Aggregates and Group By

Module 8: Select, Joins and Group By Review

Module 9: Insert and Commit

Module 10: Update and Transactions

Module 11: Delete and Truncate

Module 12: Insert, Update and Delete Review

After every module there is a practice test where you need to do apply what's been taught and after that there is a quiz as well.

4. Main Attraction to do this course (Types of tables):

The tables part is explained using real life tables. For example -- Heap tables in sql is explained using toys, pencils, rubbers, books placed together on real life table. And Index Organized tables are explained using toys, pencils, pencils, rubbers, books being placed one after another (Parallel) on a real life table.

5. My Experience:

SQL is the language which is used widely and everyone should atleast know the fundamentals of it and I can say this course not only teaches you fundamentals yet also the some deep concepts as well which is amazing! And yes certificate is also one of the best thing.

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