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Microsoft python free online course for beginners 2021| Free course| Allin1hub python

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Microsoft python free course| allin1hub

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Some course details:

Offered By: Microsoft

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: No

Duration: 6 hrs (Depends on learner)

Course Type: Videos, code examples, exercises

Allin1hub Ratings: 7/10

microsoft free python 2021 course for beginners by allin1hub
Microsoft Python course| Allin1hub

What is this course all about?

This course will give you a summary of how to start your programming journey with Python and no coding experience.

What are the Prerequisites?


How can I register for the course?

  1. Visit the Channel 9 website

  2. Click on sign up

  3. Use your Microsoft account to signup

  4. Now just login

  5. Start the course

Content of the course: (the course has 44 videos, we will name 10 of them)

1. Python Basics

2. Python Number

3. Python date and its type

4. Python Error Handling

5. Python JSON

6. Python Modules and Packages

7. Python Loops and functions

8. Python Virtual Environment

9. Python Managing keys

10. Python Decorators

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What's the best thing about the course?

You can download every video and watch it at your pace.

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