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Microsoft Leader, AWS Practitioner Free Cloud Computing Certification | [Updated 2021] | Allin1hub

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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Are here to pick up a cloud vendor for your business? or Are you here to know which course provides better knowledge of Cloud?

Anyway, we got you covered over here!

Cloud Computing is the future and in this blog you will get to know which online free course is better Microsoft or AWS. You will know which certification should you do if you are a beginner or a professional.

We all have heard about Microsoft Cloud and its capabilities similarly we all know about AWS the cloud service behind Netflix and many top companies. Today we are going to go through a short review on Microsoft Cloud for Leaders free certification course as well as Amazon Web Services: Cloud Essentials free online certification course.

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: Microsoft, AWS

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes from Microsoft as well as from AWS

Duration: Microsoft -- 4hrs, AWS - 6hrs

In this blog you will get answer to following questions:

1. What is Microsoft and AWS course all about?

2. What will you learn?

3. Which is the best?

It will help you decide whether you should do this course or not!

The famous 2 cloud vendors in the market right now are AWS and Azure, however, everyone is confused which should be learned?

To answer let us answer a simple question, ask yourself:

How is my business different and what are my current needs?

If you want the answer to the latter part, I would definitely tell you to complete the amazon AWS Cloud Practitioner Course. It makes you aware of the concepts and the requirements that are needed to be considered before selecting a vendor. If you side with the earlier part, I would go with the Microsoft course on Cloud for Leaders. It gives example with a business case scenario and certain formulae to assist you to understand what is the metric you need to consider while planning to move to the cloud.

Let us not confuse over here, AWS Cloud for practitioner provides the grassroots for selecting and understanding a business; Microsoft provides the next step which is understanding your business on the cloud!

If you need to wrap your head around the entire under 2 mins:

AWS Cloud for Practitioner:

Microsoft Cloud for Leaders:

And if you are the right one to learn it from the video:

AWS cloud practitioner:

Microsoft's cloud for leaders:

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And the last, the better one for me personally I would pick AWS cloud practitioner!

I believe that you have learned something new today, For complete understanding visit:

If you are interested in a comparison video then this video will help you:

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