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Machine Learning free online certification course! [Updated 2021] | Kaggle | Allin1hub

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

[Find course link at bottom of this page]

Some course details:

Offered By: Kaggle

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes

Duration: 8hrs (Depends on learner)

Course Type: Reading Text with images, examples, coding (No Videos)

Allin1hub Ratings: 8/10

What is this course all about?

Get to learn machine learning through core concepts, also learn to build model as well! Apply the knowledge

What are the Prerequisites?

Basic Python Knowledge

How can I register for the course?

  1. Visit the kaggle website

  2. Click on sign up

  3. Use your google account to signup or use mail

  4. Add First name, password & other details

  5. Now just login

  6. Start the course!

Content of the course:

  1. How models work

  2. Basic Data Exploration

  3. Your First Machine Learning Model

  4. Model Validation

  5. Underfitting, Overfitting

  6. Random Forests

  7. Machine Learning Competitions

  8. Bonus: Intro to AutoML

What's the best thing about the course?

You get to learn through real life examples and not only that you are also able to apply knowledge through coding (course contains code environment)

Click the button for course link:

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