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How I got a Job at LTI from an off-campus interview 2021| Allin1hub Job guide

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This job guide is written based on the interview process undergone by Mr. Vignesh Selvakumar from K.J. Somaiya College of Science and commerce.

LTI | Allin1hub Job guide

Mr. Vignesh Selvakumar is currently working at LTI, Mumbai and he graduated in the year 2020 with a Bachelor in Computer Science. Before the interview, he started preparing for different questions and started to refer to multiple sites.

Here's the valuable knowledge he shared with us after asking a series of questions:

1. What resources did you use to prepare for your interview?

Answer: I referred to Javatpoint for all my interview questions and resources

2. When did you start preparing for the interview?

Answer: 2 days before

3. What problems did you face while preparing for the interview?

Answer: Vast volume of concepts, meaning the concepts were presented in huge volume that I had to go through the content quickly and at a rapid pace.

4. How did you overcome this challenge?

Answer: Only interview questions, nothing else matters. Period.

5. What were the 3 interview question asked you related to your domain?

Answer: 1. Java concepts,

2. SQL concepts

3. Final year project related questions

Thank you, Mr. Vignesh Slevakumar, for this valuable experience and Allin1hub, congratulates you for landing a job at LTI- One of India's biggest IT companies.

Connect with Mr. Vignesh at: __vigneshs

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