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Updated: Mar 26, 2022

We Are Launching A New Podcast For All job Seekers!

Want insights on how to get a job? Want to know how recruiters think, decide and hire a candidate? Job Talks with HR podcast provides just that for you.

Here we invite HRs, Recruiters, Talent Aquisition Professionals from domains of Tech to Sales and more. Also we uncover some myths of interviews and get you information about what books, websites are to be referred for preparation and more.

Follow us to get ready for Cracking Your Interviews.

Listen To All Latest Episodes On Spotify:

job talks with hr podcast for cracking interviews
Job Talks With HR

Follow us to get ready for Cracking Your Interviews.

Also Available on Google Podcasts and coming soon on other podcast platforms

In Our First Episode, Smriti Jain, HR at KPMG India opened up many unanswered questions that every candidate has, she also provides book references, tips and guidance on what to do before coming to an interview & more.

HR Smriti Jain of KPMG sharing how to crack interview
Advice from HR Smriti Jain of KPMG India

Listen Here:

Are you an HR and want to be our NEXT GUEST? Well in that case just fill the form present on this page:

Keep Learning And Keep Growing!

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