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Java 2021 free certification course beginner| freecodecamp| Allin1hub

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

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Some course details:

1. Offered By: Free Code Camp

2. Cost: Free!!

3. Certificate: No

4. Duration: 4 hrs (Depends on learner)

5. Course Type: Videos

6. Allin1hub Ratings: 9/10

freeCodeCamp code java 2021 beginner course on allin1hub
freeCodCamp Java couse for beginner allin1hub

7. What is this course all about?

This is a complete Java course meant for absolute beginners. You will the absolute basics of java programming in this course

8. What are the Prerequisites?


9. How can I register for the course?

No sign up- directly start the course!

10. Content of the course:

  1. Variables & Data Types

  2. Basic Operators

  3. Input and Scanners

  4. Conditions and Booleans

  5. If/Else/Else If

  6. Nested Statements

  7. Arrays

  8. For Loops

  9. For Loops (Continued)

  10. While Loops

  11. Sets and Lists

  12. Maps & HashMaps

  13. Maps Example

  14. Introduction to Objects

  15. Creating Classes

  16. Inheritance

  17. What Does STATIC Mean?

  18. Overloading Methods & Object Comparisons

  19. Inner Classes

  20. Interfaces

  21. Enums

11. What's the best thing about the course?

You get the source code of the app, so now you can edit it according to your needs.

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