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How To Make More Google Analytics Account By Doing Less | Google Analytics | Allin1hub Review |

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

What is Google Analytics for beginners?

Google Analytics for beginners is the course for analysts which shows users how to open and create an account with how to implement code on-site to track data generating from the user behaviors.

Why Google Analytics is important for the creator?

Google Analytics is a free version software is available to install or either we can create an account from a web browser. The course will demonstrate how to segment the audience and many more,

let's take an example: if the blog creator is making content on her channel and he's just posting the content without understanding the target audience, age, demographic area then the channel will not sustain its growth in the long term.

What you’ll learn from the course

  1. How Google Analytics works

  2. How to set up an analytics account

  3. Set up of dashboard and shortcuts

  4. Analyze audience, acquisition & behavior reports

  5. Tracking campaigns with a URL builder

  6. How to create a goal and convert into the campaign

What I learned from the course

  1. One of the most challenging parts I've learned is how to set up the account at our convenience will take your time as well as brainpower and how to analyze the audience.

  2. The important thing I learned is How to check audience, acquisition report where the users can see and manage the traffic according to age, gender, demographic & geographic region by setting up these filters helps the user to distinguish and focus on the goal.

  3. The useful skill is to users how to share reports of the audience report if one or more partners are involved.

Course link- Google Analytics for Beginners

If this blog helps and encourages you to take the course then let us know in the comment section!!

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