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Inside tips on how to get hired as employee | Jobs talks with hr

Jobs talks with hr
Jobs talks with hr

Introduction of smriti :

Smriti has extensive experience in human resources, She worked in multiple organizations but Right now she's working in KPMG India, where the company provides multiple consulting services for B2B clients in terms of internship, Human resources, finance administration, and Marketing as well.

Currently, KPMG has over 130+ offices all over the globe.

Connect with smriti Jain -

Proven Answer to your questions :

1. what is the common misunderstanding that happens during the interview?

A. spreading rumors and impressions about the interview

B. Many students answer questions without knowing anything and thought this will help them to get them ahead of most competitors' students, Smriti says it's a myth, and if you don't have any answer don't answer if it's not a game of how many answers you give them it's about how many right answers you give to the interviewer.

2. What skills do you look for in a person who doesn't have technical skills?

A. Technical skills should be a must in order to get into a job

B. Soft skills such as communication skills, creativity, problem-solving, and decision-making ability.

Tip - Soft skills will help you get a job even if you have minimum expertise in technical skills

Check Soft skills courses -

3. How to change the field from no technical to the technical field?

A. Learn a skill and Grab a certification.

B. Do internships and gain experience

C. list your project on Upwork and Fiverr.

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