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Importance of interpersonal communication | Allin1hub Review

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What is interpersonal communication?

Intercultural communication defines the process of exchanging feelings, information through verbal and non-verbal cues.

When two or more people are in the same place and aware of each other's emotions and communication is taking place is known as interpersonal communication.

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Communication | Allin1hub

Why interpersonal communication is important?

Interpersonal communication leads people to influence the attitudes of each other when you know each other attitudes you can give and take emotional support and understand each other needs that can form & maintain relationships.

Key Points:

  1. Communicate with colleagues;

  2. Making a genuine request;

  3. Communicating in cross-culture;

  4. How to respond to criticism;

  5. Communicating as an introvert;

  6. Knowing when to listen and speak with authority;

What I think?

  1. Ask the right question by asking to find brainstorming questions people create the best picture of yourself in their mindset.

  2. Learn to make a request and invest in favors before asking for them.

  3. Acknowledge their favor's it feels worm and creditable to the person who helps.

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