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Why the 2021 IBM Cloud Essentials is the best free cloud computing online course?| Allin1hub Reviews

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

[Course link is at bottom of this blog, before the video]

For those of you who are new to the concept of cloud computing, we got you covered over here. Cloud computing is simply carrying your virtual storage and accessing it from anywhere and from any device such as a Mobile phone, Laptop, and any device which can store and connect with the internet. If you read this blog completely you will get:

1) IBM Cloud Essentials: What is it and Why to use it?

2) IBM Cloud Essentials: Main Attraction

3) IBM Cloud Essentials: Who are using it?

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: IBM

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes

Duration: 4hrs

Course Type: Video + Theory

Ratings: 8/10

What is IBM Cloud Essentials?

IBM is the first company that revolutionized the landscape of enterprise computing and since then it has been developing new technologies to serve the world in a better manner. Once such technology which is rising is IBM Cloud Essentials which gives you the IBM exclusive concepts of the cloud and the overview of Cloud Computing

Before switching to complete virtual storage, this blog is brought to you by Allin1hub

What is Allin1hub?

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Why use IBM Cloud?

Well honestly, there are not many pros available to using IBM cloud since it apart from it is in the top 5 Cloud providers and the security on data usage is powerful. Pretty much everything else is provided by other companies too. So its a matter of personal choice over here and whether you trust the future of cloud storage.

Main Attraction!

First of all, it is FREE for everyone to use! IBM Cloud Essentials is the only course until now which we have reviewed at Allin1hub, that provides you the concept of how to deploy applications on cloud ( IBM exclusive ) and gives you a deeper understand of cloud foundations and data storages and their own virtual cloud. I would recommend for any IBM employee to do it and know how their company uses cloud infrastructure.

Who is using IBM Cloud?

American Airlines



Vodafone and many more ( source: )

Course link: IBM Cloud Essentials

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Here you have folks it, if you are interested in turning your enterprise into a low crowded place without a server and have back up anytime and anywhere cloud computing is your go-to solution.

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