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How to start Email Marketing? | HubSpot learning | Allin1hub Review | 2 minute read | Abhishek Patil

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Before we start, let's look at some course details:

Offered By: Hubspot

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes from Hubspot

Duration: Approx: 2Hrs

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the act of sending and receiving the bulk of email through any organization that briefly involves sending mail to potential customers for advertising, marketing sales, or sending newsletters to subscribers.

So, the HubSpot email marketing certification course will provide you a very basic to advance knowledge about email marketing, which proceeds with how to get the attention of people in order to succeed in email marketing.

This image is of a person writing email. At allin1hub you will find course on this topic
Email Writing | Allin1hub

Why email marketing is important?

  • One of the most powerful reasons to start email marketing is to start engaging with your customers who are interested in your products and want to see more of them.

  • Let's take an example Amazon sends a million mail daily to keep their customers engage and updated about what they ordered and when will product arrives products are keeping them tracked their product.

  • If any small organization is providing any services or products that you need to see or any notification about what you subscribed to on the website it may be a newsletter, or any brand story and also a reminder to check important notification from the site.

This image is of gmail, at allin1hub you will find courses on this
Gmail | Allin1hub

What you’ll learn from the course?

  1. Basic learning Email Marketing

  2. How to send right to the right person

  3. How to create a funnel for action

  4. why Email template will influence people

  5. Developing relationships with customers

  6. Finally, how to analyze email

What did I learn from the course?

1. The psychology behind the colour making of email templates. The size, colour, and font are all necessary to get the attention of potential customers otherwise it will take others' time and no action will be taken.

2. Secondly, how not to throw email into others' account spam folder by taking key steps before sending the email

3. Yet the most important is how do you collect consent verifiable permission from customers to send them emails and what do when email send a positive or negative impression.

Course Link -- Email Marketing

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