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Updated: Nov 14, 2021

We interview people and ask people about their job journey. The following blog is one of the interview:

Let's save time and jump right into the questions.

Internship interview experience

1. What is/was your first job?

My First Job was a full-time internship at a start-up in the second year of my graduation after that continued with the same firm as part-time in the development field.

2. What resources did you use to prepare for your interview?

India Bix for aptitude and for technical interviews

a.Freshers world for interview questions

b.Tutorials point for technical questions

c. And last year's aptitude and technical interview questions based on the company I'm giving interviews to.

3. When did you start preparing for the interview? ( Eg. 2 weeks before )

I was kind of weak in aptitude so for aptitude I practiced for 1 month in vacation period and for technical interviews- I used to prepare before 4-5 days of the actual interview date.

4. What problems for you face while preparing for the interview?

Problem while preparing for aptitude test, because there various misleading things in various website and pattern of every interview was different as compared to given information on the website.

5. How did you solve the problem?

By not following any patterns and by practicing from India bix.

6. Any advice you would like to give

( Insider tip: Read 3rd line carefully )

Basically don't be dependent on any pattern just follow the way and practice accordingly, Most important practice technical sets as much as you can and try to get an internship if you can because it helps, It's not necessary everybody must do an internship, but it's a different experience and it helps to improve the multitasking skills if paid then money and knowledge if unpaid then knowledge and practical experience and overall an added benefit on your resume. All the Best!

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