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How to prepare for Aptitude tests| Allin1hub Job Guide

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The answer is simple- buy RS Aggarwal book, and you can crack any aptitude test. Really it is that simple, so why can't everyone

allin1hub suggested book for aptitude
Dr. R. S. Aggarwal

crack their aptitude test?- this should be the real question, right?

Well, the answer is- it is the prework that comes along with it. Let me explain, when you prepare for a test, how do you do it? Do you just say I will learn all the chapters and I will pass the test or some other approach- probably a more reasonable one!

A reasonable approach would be- find the questions that are most repeated in the aptitude test. Sounds easy, yes it, use the 80-20 principle. Go through all the sites over the internet to find out the question that is most repeated for the company you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for Deloitte then

Find the exam pattern of the test

allin1hub-aptitude preparation
Example of aptitude exam pattern preparation
  1. When is the aptitude test conducted- as the first round or at the end or in the middle.

  1. Time for the aptitude along with the number of questions

  2. And you have to find out the questions pattern of the test- Google " Aptitude test for Deloitte " and download the PDF, images, videos, or any media that helps you understand that

  3. Now it is just the time for keen observation- look into every question (don't memorize) as a simple type of particular example. The problems could be based on time and distance, percentage, profit and loss, and so on. You just have to identify which questions are asked when.

  4. (Insider tip: Optional step) By the above you are pretty much set mentally to face the exam, an added step (that I did) would be to look at the question themselves, meaning?- Let's say you made your observation that the test consist of 20 questions and of the 20 most are based on "time and distance" or boats and trains"- since you figured out this now you take it one step ahead

  5. Look at the questions, how often are the same type of questions repeated- (A little complex to explain, but I will do my best ) E.g. The question is based on "time and distance then look are the sub-types of the questions.

  6. There are many types of the question of in "time and distance" itself- find out which type question is repeated the most and prepare only that from that topic.

The below image will explain what exactly to do in step 6:

Last step: You are incomplete without this- Now all you got to is practice again and again and again!

allin1hub aptitude practice
Practice it until you cant it wrong!

Take a Mock test on Aptitude after practice this so you know your strengths and weaknesses.

So what is so different from the last time you practiced?- You got smarter with the approach and so will your results be. As the legendary saying goes-

" It all about attention to details- even the smallest one. "

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