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How to learn internet of things from scratch| Action steps to take included| Allin1hub IOT blogs

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

IoT is the Internet of Things and now do some courses you will understand what it is. Go home, read something else topic over! This most of the reaction when you read about IoT, right? If not, you have to deep dive into it more.

What you are going to get from this blog?

  • 3 free resources to learn IoT

  • Action step to use these resources every day

Let's begin!

What are the 3 Free Resources?

1. Shorts- 30 seconds videos to learn one thing every day

Here is a simple one-sentence explanation of IoT

2. Courses: We have gathered the best IoT-free certification courses from around the internet!

get free certificate courses from google, microsoft, IBM on allin1hub
Allin1hub Courses| IoT

3. Tests: Review what you have learned by taking a FREE mock test from some best-known resources on the internet, such as itronixsolutions.

get IoT test by IBM, Microsoft, cisco, google on allin1hub
Allin1hub Test| IoT

Action Plan: Go from Reading to Doing

  1. Start small, everyday watch one short video or read the blogs on IoT at allin1hub blogs

  2. After a 10 day practice, of reading blogs take a course on IoT from IoT certifications|Allin1hub. If you are confused about how to do a course, a 2-minute read of this how-to do course will help you,

  3. Once you have got the hang of doing courses, you have to put your knowledge to the test and you can do that by going to Allin1hub| Tests

There you have it, going from just reading the blog to applying it in everyday life with the 3 step guide

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