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How to learn digital marketing in 2022 using BCTI Method | Allin1hub

Updated: May 15, 2022

digital marketing free courses, blogs, tests, interview questions on allin1hub
Learn Digital Marketing using BCTI method

Why are some websites appearing on Google Search results while others are not even available on the 3rd page? Ever wondered why some products on amazon show on the top of the list and when your friends search something else appears? If after hearing all of these you are not excited to figure out why everything on the internet appears one way, and then, after a month it does not, this blog is not for you!

Come on, you just got pranked!

To go back to the original question: Why do some results show up on google while others do not? The answer is Digital Marketing.

This might get you excited... or could even end up being a surprise.

What is the average salary of a Digital Marketer in 2022?

₹ 7.1 LPA as per AmbitionBox

What is Digital Marketing?

In simple words, digital marketing is the process in which you rank your website, mobile apps, ebooks, or anything that you are publishing on the internet as the most relevant search such that it appears on the top.

Now the million-dollar question: How do I learn Digital Marketing in 2022?

The first step is to read blogs, and articles, and find the career maps on digital marketing.

Google result for digital marketing blogs
Digital Marketing Blogs For Beginners on Google

Your first step looks a giant step with 2 million searches!

You can either read the blogs or the number of Zeros- not both!

With that in mind, we collected the best blogs from all over the internet and arranged them. This arrangement is created on the basis of beginner to advanced. More than 100+ blogs arranged only on blogs from the industry experts explaining the what, why, and how of digital marketing.

digital marketing blogs available on allin1hub
Digital Marketing Blogs, Guides, Career Maps and More on Allin1hub

Here, you will find all the blogs, career maps, guides, interview questions, and more related to digital marketing from basic to advanced levels.

Step 1 of ranking your website on Google completed.

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The next is to start gaining professional knowledge from the experts in the field. The topics include SEO, SERP, Local SEO, Content Writing, and more. Now you need to be sure about where you spend time otherwise, you will be confused about what you have learned.

Below is the result for 2022 alone:

digital marketing courses available on google
Digital Marketing courses On Google iIn 2022

Told you! Multiple Choices, 10x Confusion!

We have collected over Free 200+ courses on Digital Marketing from Google, IBM, and more. The courses are specifically designed in a way that will give foundation-level knowledge to you. You can check more on that here.

digital marketing courses available on allin1hub
Beginner to Advanced All Courses On Digital Marketing On Allin1hub

500 + Digital Marketing courses. Free for Lifetime. Available on Phone. Estupendo! You are halfway across to ranking your website on google.

If you are new here and want to join the fun of ranking yourself on Google and more, add your email below. You will many such updates on free courses, interviews questions, podcasts, and more.

Now it's time for action. Take what you have learned from step 2 and apply it directly. This is a direct measure of what you have learned, how much you understood and how correctly can you apply your knowledge.

digital marketing tests available on allin1hub in 2022
Digital Marketing Tests on Allin1hub

Now as you go take on new challenges in your digital marketing journey, remember, to create a big impact, your need to reach millions of people. And to do that you need to build a team. If you want to rank your website on google, you need to wear multiple hats from the content creator, writer, editor, and more. The easiest way is to start applying for jobs.

Remember, it is okay to study for a job and promotion. But at Allin1hub, we encourage learners to know anything new just for fun and enjoyment.

If you are looking for that learning for the sake of enjoyment and a fun gang, join our community here. We share all the latest new trends, tips, and timeless principles of tech & personal finance.

This is the new best way of learning anything from 2022

BCTI Method: Blogs, Courses, Tests, Interviews questions