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How to learn Blockchain using BCTI method in 2022 | Allin1hub

Updated: May 8, 2022

learn blockchain using bcti method
How to use BCTI method to learn Blockchain

What happened? Feeling lost again?

Don't worry, we got you covered!

In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of his company to Meta. This is prof that the web 3.0 is here. With that came the wind of Blockchain.

And why should you care?

The answer is simple-

The salary of a blockchain developer is $45,000 per year ( source: )

What is blockchain?

In simple words, blockchain is a method of stories transaction entries in such a way that it cannot be changed ( funny word for it: immutable ). It is then duplicated and distributed among a network of computers. This is done to verify whether you are eligible for the transaction.

Still, think this is confusing?

You can do a quick Google search like the below:

Google results for blockchain blogs for beginners by allin1hub
Blockchain blogs beginners

You can read all the zeros or read the best articles on blogs- not both!

With that in mind, we collected the best blogs from all over the internet and arranged them. This arrangement is created on the basis of beginner to advanced. More than 100+ blogs arranged only on blogs from the industry experts explaining the what, why, and how of blockchain.

Blockchain blogs on allin1hub website
Blogs, Career Maps, Interview Questions on Blockchain | Allin1hub

Here, you will find all the blogs, career maps, guides, interview questions, and more related to blockchain from basic to advanced levels.

Phew! A problem named is half solved!

Moving forward, as you have already gained insights on the latest blockchain, it's time to take the next step. You need to learn how to use blockchain.

Every beginner is puzzled at this step. A quick search would give the answer

applications of blockchain in 2022 by allin1hub
Google results how to use blockchain

A quick google search shows the applications of blockchain, but we still don't know how!

We have collected over Free 200+ courses on Blockchain from Microsoft, IBM, and more. The courses are specifically designed in a way that will give foundation-level knowledge to you. You can check more on that here.

blockchain courses from beginner to advanced level on allin1hub
Free Blockchain Courses | Allin1hub

500 + Blockchain courses. Free for Lifetime. Available on Phone.

By learning how to use blockchain, you have crossed the halfway mark. Congrats on that!

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The next simple step is to test! This will create your Confidence! Confidence is the key when you are learning something new. And it comes from doing the hard things.

With that in mind, we have collected 100+ tests that you can take to get better, rough up your knowledge, and also develop projects.

blockchain test on allin1hub
Blockchain Tests on Allin1hub

Now for the elephant in the room, the $ 45,000 salary, how do I get that?

As the industry is moving this number is just going to keep increasing, and to enter blockchain industry early on in your life, you need to study for interviews.

Remember, it is okay to study for a job and promotion. But at Allin1hub, we encourage learners to know anything new just for fun and enjoyment.

If you are one of that learning for the sake of enjoyment and fun, join our community. We share all the latest new trends, tips, and timeless principles of tech & personal finance.

This is the new way of learning anything from 2022: the BCTI Method.

Blogs, Courses, Tests, Interviews questions