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How To Get Hired As A Fresher With Zero Experience | Job Talks With HR Episode 6

Today's guest on episode 6 of Job Talks With HR is Hollie Centeno from USA and she is a Professional Recruiter and a Talent Aquisition Manager. And she is a founder of Centeno Consulting LLC a podcast for head hunters.

Questions covered in the podcast:

1. What does being yourself mean during an interview?

2. How does a recruiter find candidates?

3. Team Work v/s Solo Work?

4. Questions a recruiter always asked during an interview

5. Why communication with superiors is way more important?

6. Common misunderstanding a candidate makes during an interview?

And 3 biggest mistakes questions in detail covered on the podcast

What is Job Talks With HR?

Job Talks With HR is a podcast where we invite recruiters, head-hunters from all every country to get their advice on how to get a job, how to prepare for interviews, best resume tips, which job portal to use, how to negotiate salary and much more. Every podcast tells you to prepare in a certain way for the interview, here, the recruiters tells you how to prepare, talk, build resume and get your dream job. Our aim is to provide you with enough insights that, you can Crack any interviews.

Allin1hub: What is your journey Hollie?

Hollie: I have been in HR for the past 15 years, so I have handled, uh, recruiting and on boarding. After leaving my last job, I decided that I would solely focus on being a recruiter because I can in turn, help others to find their light and what they're good at. And be able to help place them in certain spots to help them shine and glow brighter and help them find things that maybe they didn't know they liked to do or something that they just pondered on the idea, so to speak and to make dreams come true.

Allin1hub: What can you tell us about your company?

Hollie: I'm new with big league. Their mission is to also help find amazing talent and place it with place their people with places they'll excel at, where they won't get stagnant and they have purpose.

Cause I think it's, it's really big to have purpose and to know what your purpose is. I recruit for superintendents. I recruit for project managers, C levels that I will recruit for it.

It's whatever is mostly in demand. And then I try and look for people that, will bring new ideas to the table. And in turn, sometimes it actually creates positions. And that's what, my main focus is. It's because for me, it's easy to find superintendents and project managers, but I want to create new levels and new roles that will help all these.

Allin1hub: What does your job day to day job look?

Day to day it consists of being on, on several platforms, reaching out, cold calling. That's one thing I'm still learning how to cope with, but lots of cold calling. But my most favorite is being able to reach out to new people and getting to hear about their stories and, and their goals and what they wanna do with their life.

And I'm calling potential clients, the companies learning what their needs are, what their wants are. And I get to learn more every day, whether it be, new terms that they're coming up with, or, helping 'em find new roles that they're looking to fill or coming up with a new role that will, this person can do this or that.

And that would help your company in the long run.

Allin1hub: Can you share more ideas on what was exactly your cold calling?

Hollie:The cold calling is, getting a list of construction companies in the area and starting at the top and just, making contact with a person in their organization.

Whether it be just the secretary or the CEO or the CFO, or, because, you know, with our program, it'll extract cell phone numbers, and sometimes you don't know who the cell phone number is for. Of course, before you cold call that company, you wanna do a little bit of research.

Because you, whether it be you, or whether it be me calling or cold calling a client or a prospective client or a prospective candidate, I always do my research. LinkedIn and Google to get as much background as I'm able to before I make contact.

[ ...Key points that you can touch base on when you're on the call,.... Listen to the podcast on Spotify to know in details how does a recruiter searches and finds a candidate ]

Allin1hub: Team Work v/s Solo

Hollie: Is this their strong point?

Because the answers to that question will dictate on a well, quite a few things, because if they're not a team player that will strike them from many positions, because I'm sure as you know, in an organization, it takes teamwork. Without, this there is no high end team and everyone brings certain aspects to the table. And when one falls short, the other picks it up.

I also ask questions such as:

1. What their dreams are?

2. Where do they see themselves in five, in three to five years?

3, What's some of their goals in life, whether it be short term versus long term?

Also another one that I have found that has helped me the most:

4. What they would have changed to make the process better?

And that's been where I've gotten a lot of great feedback because, communication and direction are two of the biggest things that I've been told. They would've changed. And without communication, there's nothing. You have to be able to communicate to your, your team, your higher ups and individuals. Without communication, a person may have all the knowledge yet may not be able to speak TD with his candidates or with his team. Then that knowledge would not be transferred to anyone else. Exactly. Exactly. And with communication, we all learn and grow and being able to learn and grow is a very huge, it plays it's, it's very huge because it helps us grow as a person.

It helps us grow as, um, as a whole.

And I think without communication, you get stagnant and you stay in one spot and you don't grow.

[ ... entire answer on how communication leads to promotion is on Spotify]

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Allin1hub: What are the misunderstandings that you come across during the interview process?

Hollie: there, it depends on which process, um, you're speaking of, because each one is completely different. The HR process can have many, many different ways. But in the sense, it all boils down to, sourcing, looking for the right candidate and to fill the role that you've been placed with. Or you come across a candidate that, do extremely well in Excel in a certain position. And that's when you process kind of flip flops, because you can have them, answer different questions and then that'll help you narrow down, potential, employers for them and give them to give them options.

[.... covering in-detail on why there are always 4 to 5 job opening when searching for candidate on Spotify]

Listen to the entire episode with Hollie Centeno to get answers to questions:

1. How does a recruiter say, " You are rejected."?