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How To Get A Job In A Software Company With Zero Experience? | Job Talks With HR

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

here's how to get a job in 2022 explained by linkedin recruiter
Get Job In 2022 With 9 Tips From Recruiter Henrique Santos

Allin1hub: Can you share what is bridge social doing? What is being social exactly doing and what is the company all about?

Henrique Santos: Yeah. Awesome guy. First of all, thank you for having me now. I am a recruiter here in brazil. The Bridge Social is located in Brazil. We are HR techs that hire tech and digital talents around the world. But mainly we have operations in five countries. The Bridge Social is located in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Miami. I mean in Chile and Brazil, we have solid operations. We have more employees and clients & yes, a lot of projects in terms of hiding professionals in tech and digital areas, but team Mexico, Colombia, and Miami, we are launching our operations yet.

So we like as a startup industry countries, I think it's all about our company today. We have a lot of clients, mainly Brazil that we help them with two products. The first is the outsourcing service. So we hire the professionals into our company and these professionals are allocated to the client team.

And the second pro product is when we just do the selection process and send the can date to the client and these can be contacted by the client. You know, so I think it's the two products that we have today miles. So these are the two products that you are helping the recruiters, as well as the candidates to get the job and get better.

Allin1ub: Right. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Interesting. I think bridge social is doing great and I believe that it is always progressing. So Enrique, can you tell exactly what does recruiter's job look like on a day-to-day basis? Or what is the hardest part of your job? Can you just tell me that?

Henrique Santos: Yes. Awesome. I think the recruiter is a hunter in the market label that needed to have a good knowledge regarding the positions that they working for.

And also they need to understand the client culture and about, the soft skills in terms of can evaluate the candidates. So. My job here today is to find out the best talent around the world. Draw many tools that we have to hunt cans such as LinkedIn, Github, and others.

I mean, these, are the main tools that we have today to look for digital professionals around the world. And my day, my day-to-day routine of building great relationships draws the interviews and the meetings that I have with the clients and can date as well, and draw out the talent acquisition process.

I am responsible for recommending both and the client decides to find out the best match. So it's the most important thing for a recruiter is to have a piece of good knowledge about the people, because understanding the client business, about the job description too, but knowing about the people make the difference through the talent technician process.

I mean, it's very important to you personalize the journey of the client and the candidates into the talent technician process and also provide human experience to them. So here in The Bridge Social, we have a strong future regarding respecting the people for who they are and also providing a personalized journey for them.

About my daily routine. I think it's about, about guarantee. It's just a neighbor relationship and a safe space for the client and, and data as well.

Allin1hub: Nice, nice. I guess that it's a great thing. That The Social Bridge is having such a great talent like you and helps other people on the planet as well. This is what your job looks like on a day-to-day basis, right?

Henrique Santos: Yes, exactly.

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Allin1hub: What exactly is the future of the HR world or what is the future of The Bridge Social as a company? Can you just brief us about that?

Henrique Santos: Yes. You, you say about the next steps about our, our future business. All right. Yeah. Awesome. Today we are an HR tech company as I say to you, but our main strategy looking, to the building is strong and to enable the company in the next five years is building a, a platform able to evaluate the tech and digital professionals draw good access assessments good mentor building a strong community around the world where the in candidates can be able to exchange knowledge, exchange recommendations, regarding new technologies and learning with each other draw these platforms.

We are building a great platform able to evaluate hiding and also prepare this in terms of development skews in, in Harding, soft skews too. We are looking to exchange our company from HR consultant to an HR tech company that uses may or platform or own platform, I mean, to make money, make business, and also think about the sustainability of the company that we have.

Overall our vision is to build a platform to provide these fast experiences for our can evaluation to job, offer the steps and also be competitive and capable of offering personalized and humor experience to the users too. So, wow. That's, that's great. I guess it is also providing the candidates, this many things in past experiences, as well as providing many products in it.

Allin1hub: That's great! I guess the execution and plan were very much planned. I believe that you are going to be a key part in helping bridge social, get to that part. And let's dive into this podcast now. So what are the qualities that you look for in a candidate when selecting the profile?

Henrique Santos: We have a few steps in the recruitment process. The first is to evaluate the candidates draw the screening part where the recruiter looking for agreed profiles draw link gene and among your other channels for recruiting candidates. And a great PIO means having a shape of profile on the linking where these can date put all the information that they have in terms of knowledge master degree certifications job descriptions.

And also they highlight that they have been contributing to the company that they have been working for. If I have two patterns in terms of profiles, the first one is when the candidate put all the information about the year day to day routine and out, they highlight, put the quantitative parts of the day, year jobs in terms of results that they've achieved.

And the second they can date doesn't put anything about the year previous background experience that they've worked at. Probably I will choose the first one because they are, have more details. And also I guess these first and dates care about the details too. I think it's the first.

The first step, the second step is when about interview what you usually will are looking for in an interview is understand about how they can date communicate their year contributions for business growth draw he the year own activities and responsibilities. I think the most important thing in attending data regardless, they feel that they work for is understanding if they also knew about the business, how can they connect his the year activities?

With the business strategy in terms of OTRs and how can, they can contribute positively to the business growth and the business can reach it. So I think it's it, they, they both points in terms of screening interview that that's, it, you know, in terms of is screening part, they can, they need to have a great profile with all the information that they've been working for.

And the interview part, usually I will be looking for candidates able to express its draw the, your communication.

Allin1hub: What it means is that the candidate should fill every detail and should be able to communicate well, his profiling as, as resume made as well as should have the skills that are required for that particular job, apart from that.

What else, what else did you say? I couldn't catch you on that. Just repeat back for our audience. Yes. Step two, the step two, step two. Can you just repeat back that step? Because I believe that it has more, more potential into it, but can you just explain that step two once again?

Henrique Santos: Yeah. Yes. So this part is very important. The candidate brings it to us. Great examples regard the, your background experience in terms of results that they achieve. And also. Then, the point they highlight is what they've been doing in terms of contribution. I mean usually, we are looking for a single professional in their market label, and when you.

When you put them in an interview moment, they, they not able to express to, to us the results of the job. They just, talk to us about the year daily to the daily routine in terms of deliverables. Yes. I am responsible for evaluating the project management steps, but this is not, not it exactly what we are looking for in terms of the interview part.

We need to understand, that you have a responsibility, you have a context and you have goals to achieve your daily to day routine. What do you do to achieve it? And when you do it what is the result that you can achieve? And if you don't achieve these results, what do you do to overcome the troubles?

So we need to understand more about the soft skills that they can be able to do in their daily routine. Because today we are leaving. The complex environment in terms of business growth in the technology area.

So the candidates need to have a lot of soft skills in terms of negotiation, flexibility, and great communication, these skills to build great results in terms of relationships with the stakeholder, with the team and also influence the team to, achieve the great results. So overall in the interview part to we, we like to understand the self-awareness that they can have, your ability in terms of hard and soft skills and the, how can they contribute positively to the business growth.

Allin1hub: The candidate should have everything from soft skills, negotiation, technical skills, as well as many other skills apart from handling the stakeholders because everyone is going. And talking to the stakeholders as well. So the candidate should be able to do this. And the major part, as you said, is that the candidate should be able to achieve the results if the candidate is not able to achieve the results, the candidate is not fit for the job. Is that right? Exactly. Did I get it right?

Henrique Santos: Yeah.

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