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How to confront without bias | LinkedIn learning | Allin1hub Review | 1 Minute Tips, Read

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Interactions between people lead to confront each other whether they are right or wrong. The diversity and inclusion are the main topics that is discussed in this course these are the most influential environment that affects the workplace.

Where you can learn the difference between inclusion and diversity and finding the way to learn and communicate with new people and accept the generation gap.

Why learn to confront bias

Bias is important it measures the association of two or more people when speaking. When people willing to take a decision in their life, they will see opportunities from a different perspective.

What you will learn from the course

  1. Interaction with other people

  2. A bit explanation of inclusion

  3. Exploring and countering unconscious bias

  4. How to prevent yourself from saying wrong things

  5. Diversity inclusion

What I’ve learned from the course

  • Diversity and inclusion two are different things the diversity is the mixed culture of various people, but inclusion is a skill it’s a kind of building the culture where people can come together and contribute.

  • Unconscious bias is the bias that is already created by our brain by our patterns, themes, others' opinions which are known as descriptive biases. The brain is always looking for fast ideas and from the descriptive bias, it made easy to generalized a thought.

  • It is very easy to counter unconscious bias to take your time to think and pause before giving an answer at least 5-10 sec this method can prevent you from generating negative bias.

Course link- Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences

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