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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Before we start let's look at some course details:

Offered By: LinkedIn

Cost: Free (For a limited time)

Certificate: Yes from LinkedIn

Duration: Approx: Depends on learners

What is inner criticism?

Inner criticism is a self-thinking also known as negative thinking which holds us back and always criticizes our way of thinking in order to succeed in life. There are many types and techniques to banish your inner criticism and follow the path you love.

So, in this course learn many things such as neuroplasticity and mindfulness in order to manage our thoughts.

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Why banish inner critic?

Inner critics are clever, and it lowers your self-esteem and confidence in order to make the precise decisions in life for example if you realize that often time you are doubting yourself by saying “am I really capable of doing the hardest thing” or can I really do this.

This is why most people fail to execute their valuable decision.

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What you’ll learn from the course

  1. Removing creative blocks

  2. Generating creative ideas

  3. Silencing the inner criticism in mind

  4. Practicing mindfulness technique

  5. How to manifest ideas to the world

What I learn from the course

  1. I learn one of the most powerful techniques to unlock creativity and banish criticism and how to generate an idea that benefits our lives and problem-solving skills.

  2. We are generally harsher on ourselves than on others so instead of talking like this we have to reframe our thoughts by positive feeling but it's a very hard process to do because there is the neural pattern that resists your thoughts by doing things you want.

  3. In order to banish inner critics, focus on what gives you success and not a comparative failure, and how to develop the perfect mindset to break the cycle of self-doubt. And there are many things you’ll learn from the course that will help you in the long term.

Course Link -- Banish Inner Criticism (Free for a limited time)

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