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Here's how I used BCTI method to learn Data Science in 2022!

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

blogs, test, courses, interview questions on data science by allin1hub
2022 Way to learn Data Science

Its 2022 & we are entering a phase of technology where digital data is more popular than the traditional data. Surprisingly in this arena of learning, the major problem is data!

In 2020 when I first came across data science, I was overwhelmed. Questions were continuously going on what is it and many more. Confusion here was, how do I learn it.

Now you might be asking, " What is my benefit in learning Data Science? "

Well the answer- Salary Rs.698,412 per year ( source: InterviewBit )

What is data science?

In simple words, data science is the field where data is cleaned, analyzed and present it in a format that is understood. Businesses use them to structure the data that is unstructured and use them to scale their business.

Well for the first part, you can learn about data science by reading multiple blogs and articles. The questions how to find the right blogs to read!

A normal Google Search will return you hundreds of blogs

data science blogs google search by allin1hub
Google Search on Data Science Blogs 2022

Well you can count the number of zeros or you read all the blogs in the result!

Hence at Allin1hub, collected all the blogs for data science at one place for you!

Blogs on Data Science in 2022 by allin1hub
Beginners guide, Career maps and more

With over 100+ best blogs from all over the internet, we have created a community of data science.

You can find career guides, roadmaps, interview questions, and many more. This will solve your problem of finding the right data science blogs.

After going through the blogs, you need to take action!

The question is what? What is first step should I take?

Every beginner is puzzled at this step. A quick search would give the answer

Data Science courses on google by allin1hub
Google Search OF Data Science Courses

Courses are the best and easiest way to take your first step towards learning data science. As you can see, there are millions of courses available on the internet.

Question is again the same- How do I find the right data science courses?

We have collected over Free 100+ courses on Data Science from Microsoft, IBM, and more. The courses are specifically designed in a way that will give foundation level knowledge to you. You can check more on that here.

free data science courses on allin1hub
Updated Data Science Free courses

500 + Udemy courses. Free for Life time. Available on Phone.

And there's more...

Once you have learnt Data science from the right courses, its time to put what you have learnt to test. Now you might think, why do I need to do that? The straight answer is Practice makes you better. As cliché as it might sound, it is true!

With that in mind we have collected 100+ test that you can take to get better, rough up your knowledge and also develop projects.

tests for data science from all over internet by allin1hub
Data Science tests from all over the Internet

And there is one more thing ( Credit: Apple )

You can learn anything you want from Ai, Data Science, Python, Java and more under 30 seconds. And this the big part, there are interview questions as well!