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Here's how I got a Job at TCS 2021 from an off-campus interview | Allin1hub Job guide

This job guide is written based on the interview process undergone by Mr. Bichitra Panda from Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College.

TCS India

Mr. Bichitra Panda is currently working at TCS, Mumbai and he graduated in the year 2020 with a Bachelor in Information Technology. Before the interview, he started preparing for different questions and started researching about the companies he was about to give the interview to.

Here's the valuable knowledge he shared with us after asking a series of questions:

1. What resources did you use to prepare for your interview?

Answer: For aptitude referred to R.S.Agarwal and for technical, there are many websites that one can refer e.g geekforgeek

2. When did you start preparing for the interview?

Answer: A month ago- well now that is what preparation should look like

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3. What problems did you face while preparing for the interview?

Answer: Surprisingly there was little to no difficulty for him while preparing for the interview ( He sure knew where to look, we think )

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4. What was the 3 interview question asked to you related to your domain?


  • Difference between polymorphism and encapsulating,

  • A program code on Inheritance (in his preferred programming language)

  • Why TCS?

5. Any advice you would like to give?

Answer: Be confident and answer to the point ( That's 2 employees giving the same advice folks! )

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Thank you,

Bichitra Panda

Mr. Bichitra Panda, for this valuable experience and Allin1hub, congratulates you for landing a job at TCS- India's No. 1 IT company (2021, July 01).

You can connect with Mr. Bichitra Panda at the below social media handle:

Instagram- @ beyondbichitra

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