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How I got a Job at QualityKiosk from an off-campus interview 2021| Allin1hub Job guide

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This job guide is written based on the interview process undergone by Mr. Vivek Patil from QualityKiosk.

Mr. Vivek Patil is currently working at QualityKiosk, Mumbai and he graduated with a Bachelor of Technology. Here's the valuable knowledge he shared with us after asking a series of questions:

qualitykiosk job guide 2021 interview experience by vivek patil on allin1hub
QualityKiosk job experience 2021| allin1hub

1. What resources did you use to prepare for your interview?

Answer: GlassDoors, Geeks For Geeks, YouTube videos for SDLC, STLC

2. When did you start preparing for the interview?

Answer: 1 day only

3. What problems did you face while preparing for the interview?

Answer: I was not able to find the questions on SDLC ( Software Development Life Cycle), STLC ( Software Testing Life Cycle ) models.

4. How did you overcome this challenge?

Answer: Video on this topic on YouTube

5. What were the 3 interview question asked you related to your domain?

Answer: 1.How do you use join in SQL? ( That's now 3 employees giving the same question)

2. Project based questions

3. Where do you see you after 5 years?

6. Any advice you would like to give?

Answer: Prepare well, you can easily crack the interview ( Down to earth advice )

Thank you,

Mr. Vivek Patil

Mr. Vivek Patil, for this valuable experience and Allin1hub, congratulates you for landing a job at Qualitykiosk- the world's largest Digital Quality Engineering partner.

You can connect with Mr. Vivek Patil on LinkedIn by clicking the button below:

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