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How do I improve my decisions in life? | Allin1hub course reviews | saylor academy

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Some course details:

Offered By: Saylor

Cost: Free!!

Certificate: Yes

Duration: 4hrs

Course Type: Reading+ Video + quiz

Allin1hub Ratings: 9/10

why you should focus on decision-making skill?

Decision-making is the one of the essential skills that everyone should have in their skill sets. Because decision marking skills are far more underrated and nobody knows nothing how to carry out decisions in critical conditions what type of mindset is right for decision-making to pave the path through success.


You should have to log in to their account to gain full access of course and access to internet because the whole course is placed online.

What topics you'll learn :

1. The Foundation of Management Decision-Making

2. Decision-Making and Management Challenges

3. Framing a decision

4. Decision-Making Techniques

5. Complex Decision-Making

How to earn certificate :

to earn a certificate you need to get marks above 70%

Allin1hub rating - 8/10

Course link-

video review :

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