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Here's how you can get a job at ICICI Bank | Allin1hub Job Guide

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This Job guide is a testimonial submitted for a noble motive by Mr. Balasagar Dabburu.

We asked a series of questions to him, and he was kind enough to spare the time to answer them patiently.

Mr. BalaSagar is currently working in ICICI Bank, Mumbai and he graduated in the year 2018 completing his graduation in commerce. Post his graduation he spent most of his time searching for a job and as he stated, there was a lack of proper guidance on how to prepare for the interview.

So to overcome this challenge, he used what everyone uses every day- money!

Nope! He used Google and YouTube to his complete benefit.

One of the YouTube videos given by him is 08 common interview questions and answers by Learn English with Let's talk - Free English Lessons.

allin1hub job guide
Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons

Moving ahead he revealed that he prepared for the interview just a week before, yes, 1 week before- no kidding and landed the job. During interviews, he used to have challenges with his confidence and communication skills, which most people suffer from.

How did he overcome this challenge?

He found that some questions are fixed, and he thoroughly studied them. He also started reading books to accelerate this process. One such recommended book by him is Interview skills by D. S. Paul

His advice to the current job seekers:

" Just be yourself and confident. The interviewer always checks how smart and confident you are. Always be confident and be a quick replier. "

Thank you Balasagar Dabburu.

You can connect with Mr. Balasagar Dabburu on:

Facebook @ Sid Dabburu

Instagram @ sid_dabburu_

Share your interview journey too by offering you answers.

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