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Here's how I got Job at TCS! | Full Guide with Free Resources Links | Allin1hub Job Guide

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

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My quick background is graduated from College in the year 2020 with Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and as every other college student I too joined the race of " Muje bhi job chahiye ( I also need a job ) ". So this is a 3 year-long journey, and I will keep it crisp and tight so you can just apply directly after reading this article.

For my first year, I considered dropping out of college would be the best option as I learned on the internet that Google and all big companies were hiring without Degree. Then someone hit the truth " What if all of a sudden Google drops that option, what then? " and hence got my head right and started studying. So at the end of the first year, no knowledge no experience.

Second-year began and this was the biggest change in my life. It did not happen automatically, I had to change the entire approach, mindset, friends, my everything that I have learned until now. For eg. I stopped listening to songs for 2 and half years, nothing zero songs, and I replaced them with Les brown speeches, David Goggins and Tony Robbins. It was at this point I started reading books- the other books that helped me understand myself first and then learning was just a child play. I started watching Youtube tutorials on everything that I became curious about such as " How does a phone use split-screen? "and more.

The point here is: I became curious about everything.


At the end of this year, I learned and applied was Law of Attraction, developed an unbelievable habit of reading, created a mental fortitude by watching every sport's person ( Cristiano Ronaldo at that time mainly), and found interest in technology.

Third-year began, I was ready for it. I started doing everything other than studying such as solving aptitude, reading interview questions, researching about the companies and when they came to campus, and how was the process hiring, I started interviewing my seniors when I was in my second year since I already saw it coming. Went to professors with multiple questions just the basics yet changing the context every time and the most valuable lesson of all I spent hours and days on solving the Quantitative book.

Survived this long, Wonderful. Let's break it!


I applied for TCS through a nationwide drive specifically done for the bachelor undergraduates: TCS Smart hiring (Google It)

I know you want to know what the actual heck happened within there:

First-round was the screening round where the below Quants and Coding questions were asked

( Word from experience: Make your connections or network in this round, exchange phone numbers, or do whatever you can to get maximum contacts because these are the people whom you are going to be working with or may get your results when you are unaware )

Quants: Time and distance, Compound Interest, Profit and loss, Boat and Train theory, Work and Time, Ratio and Proportion, Average

Book: Dr. R. S. Aggarwal

Coding: C++, Python, and just the fundamental questions of the pointers, stacks and queues and data structure nothing high funda shit- just kept it at a bare minimum

Goal: Make it to the next round with minimum damage to self-confidence

Networking: Open Javatpoint and go through everything from topologies to encryption types.

There was a 12-day pause between the next round, however, I also applied to multiple companies.


Personal Interview(Conducted at Thane, Mumbai at Yantra Park): Studied my resume completely and came with all the questions that could just out that, prepared my questions on final year project and a little practice on pseudo-code + typical HR questions.

And, aah! one tongue-tied question: what is that you think is the future technology?- Prepare it to fit because it will (took me a surprise) surprise you.

Websites I used for coding:

  1. Javatpoint

  2. Geeks for Geeks

  3. Tutorials Point


Websites I used for Quants, personal interview, aptitude and studying the pattern of the companies:

  1. Prepinsta

  2. Allin1hub Tests

  3. Face prep

  4. Conduira

  5. India bix

& a ton of YouTube hours.

The dot here is, break down the company you are applying for, Period.

For me, it was a preparation of 9 months of continuous labor and putting in the time. Break down everything about the company from their site to their hiring process. Approach it as you would approach a game of sport, the game starts from the pre-work before the game right from knowing where you are going to play the opponents to finding their weak spots and from their breaking it down into piece by piece. Know who are up against, what are your strong points and nail them hard.

Hey, If I can do it, you can do it, too! ~Mail us your Job story and get it published for FREE.

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