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2021 Data Science Foundations FREE certification course from Great Learning | Allin1hub Reviews|

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

For those of you, the concept of data science is new, in one line: it is collecting of the data that you want to study, storing it for understanding and performing analysis to make a better product or to forecast the future. If you read this blog completely you will get:

1) Great Learning Data Science Foundations: What is it and Why to do it?

2) Great Learning Data Science Foundations: Main Attraction

3) Great Learning Data Science Foundations: Who should learn it?

What is Great Learning Data Science Foundations?

A simple yet elegant 1.5-hour course from Great Learning on discovering and learning the fundamentals of Data Science. The course is provided in an interactive manner such as showing animated videos, guided by the instructor and covers the fundamentals of data science in two modules which all together wrap up the content.

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What is Allin1hub?

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Why do Great Learning Data Science Foundations?

Learning data science is the current wave in the industry and understanding it in a timely manner is a challenge. Great Learning as their name precedes has created a short and effective course for you to learn data science with time constraints. You can knock down the entire course in under 2 days and give the third day to go through the course content and attempt the exam.

Main Attraction!

The main attraction is that it is instructed lead course instead of just presentation slides and it completely FREE! You will gain the primary knowledge with which you can enter the field of data science. I personally enjoyed the animated content of the course since it makes the content understand in a simple manner and effective manner.

Who should do Great Learning Data Science Foundations?

A beginner who is stepping foot in the field of data science with a very strict time constraint or someone who is curious to learn data science fundamentals in a short duration should take on this course.

I would give the course 7 out of 10 for its video lecture and the time of this course.

Here you have it, folks, if you are interested in plotting multiple graphs and predicting any future attack, calamity, or any new type of civilization in the early science, Great Learning got you protected!

Course link: Great Learning Data Science Foundations

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Data science in one sentence:

~ Keep Learning!

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