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Got 30 seconds? Here's how you can benefit from it

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

As crazy as the title is, you might have observed yourself that you have the passion to learn yet you don't have one thing- Time!

So how is this blog of 2 minutes going to save your life worth of misery of watching long course videos on youtube to understand a simple concept? Well the solution is 30 seconds allin1hub shorts and we have covered it on our blog: Really you don't have time... 30 seconds?

Here's how you can benefit in 30 seconds videos #allin1hubshorts:

  1. Search anything related to Tech/ Finance/ Mech with the keyword "allin1hub + your search" Eg. " allin1hub stocks "

  2. Watch the video

  3. You have learned one new thing for the day

This might not a big deal for you, and you might think " what do 30 seconds of learning will get me? "

And that is exactly our thought too- that it should not be a big deal of work for you and you still get the benefit of learning one new thing every day. Answering the above question of what is 30 seconds going to do for me?

Here's a 30-second answer for you:

And that is Why you should be learning one small thing every single day and the result after 30 days is that you have learned 30 new concepts.

As the quote says: " Progress no matter how small is Progress "

Tell us what your action step would after reading the blog in the comments below or you can directly contact us at

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