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Why Google Podcast is better for simple UI lovers, beginners?| | Interviews| Allin1hub App Reviews|

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

For those of you who are reading this and are new to the concept of podcasts, in one line: it the interview conducted with a particular person and they share their experiences and insights on the questions asked. If you are trying to learn new things and want to learn it from the top-seeded people then Google Podcast is your destination. If you read this blog completely you will get:

1) Google Podcast: What is it and Why to use it?

2) Google Podcast: Main Attraction

3) Google Podcast: Why I started using it?

What is Google Podcast?

It is a platform created by Google focused only on podcasts. It has a rich content of information on the podcast and covers almost every topic from Business, Finance, Startup, News, Comedy, Technology, Human behavior, Culture, Personality Development, and many more. Interviews form the CEO's, CTO's and many more highly qualified individuals are also included on the platform.

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What is Allin1hub?

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Why use Google Podcast?

When you are starting to learn anything new and want guidance from the already establish individuals, Google Podcasts must be your go-to application. It covers every podcast which you need and also provides you with similar categories once you start listening to podcasts. It is also available on Android and iOS devices as well as any browser.

Main Attraction!

First of all, it is completely FREE! When you are listening to a podcast you want to listen to it uninterrupted without ads or any disturbances from outside. The solution for it is to download the Podcasts and listen to them whenever and wherever you want. Another which you would need is if there is a new podcast uploaded you want to be notified of it, for that the subscription is required which lets you know the updates of the podcasts ( Demo showed in Video ).

Why did I start using Google Podcasts?

I was listening to a podcast and suddenly an interruption came from outside and after I could not complete the podcast. This happened 2 to 3 times and got me frustrated and then I came across Google Podcasts. Here I was able to download all the podcasts with the alerts whenever there is an update. I use it only when I want to completely focus on the Podcast and listen to it uninterrupted.

Here you have folks if you are interested in listening to interviews from people and apply their insights in your life: Google Podcast got you covered.

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