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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

For those of you the concept of machine learning is new, yet, you all want to learn it. Robots of the future, worry not, as Google has already made a course for you to learn about machine learning and machine learning is training machines to behave like a human. If you read this blog completely you will get:

1) Google Machine Learning: What is it and Why to use it?

2) Google Machine Learning: Main Attraction

3) Google Machine Learning: Who should learn it?

What is Google Machine Learning?

A self-made crash course of 15 hours created by Google researchers with interactive video lessons to learn the concept of Machine learning. Machine learning is a wide concept and an application of Artificial Intelligence and Google has summed up the core concepts in a single course with their own theory papers and explained it practical manner

Before you make your own Jarvis, this blog is brought to you by Allin1hub

What is Allin1hub?

What do you do when searching for a free online course, blogs which can answer your career, life questions, and also the practice tests? You Google & visit many websites, or you search on YouTube. Now it takes time & we have solved this problem by gathering every quality course (From Microsoft, IBM, Google, AWS), blogs, practice tests from all over the internet in one place. Link to the website --

Why use Google Machine Learning?

Learning any new concept is as tough, let's face it! And what more hard is the amount of time you would devote to a course and find that the course is giving you the exact same knowledge which you already have. So here, Google takes the same approach differently, instead of covering only certain concepts in detail, it takes a deep dive into every topic such as regression, training neural nets, and many more.

Main Attraction!

First, it is FREE! I personally loved the presentation of videos and the white papers that they have given for support are self satisfactory. It covers everything for a learner to begin his journey into learning how to use created a self-supervised model. It gives you the recommendations which course should you follow next in your career journey.

Who should learn Google Machine Learning?

A beginner who is just introduced or became aware of the topic of Machine Learning this should your first course to take. The guys who want to create their own Jarvis or AI in the distant future should also prefer this course.

I would give course 8 out of 10 for it video lecture and the frame of this course.

Here you have folks it, if you are interested in turning your enterprise into a worldwide presence, expand your audience, and focus on your product, Google has got you covered.

Course link: Google Machine Learning

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