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use the fastlane millionaire technique to start a business in 2022
How To Start A Business In 2022

In this economy where an average Youtube channel earn around 10,000$ per month by just uploading a video, creating a tutorial, and writing some comments, it's becoming evident that that is going to be non-existent. Feeling anxious and blood rushing through the veins is a normal thing now, as more and more people around the globe have opted for freedom! And this can be achieved by doing something that you like. You don't have become the next Google yet you can use all of its tools and resources to build your own company.

It could be a new bakery shop, a production studio, a design agency, or a learning platform where you teach everyone about a particular subject such as being productive, how to edit videos, how to build passive income, or teaching students. You can pick and start doing it.

The future in 20 years is going to be where, you will get up and see your phone, and realize these are the 3 things that you need to do today and the rest of the day is off! No 40-hour job, no exchanging 5 days of mental stress for 2 days for escape. Just absolute freedom!

Sounds exciting, alright then let's get started to help learn how to start a business, without going to any business school and with zero investment!

Step 1: Business is not a skill!

The typical myth that you need to go to business schools, and spend 2 years of life and a ton of money to learn how to start and run a business is completely wrong. All you require for starting a business is 1 thing- A desperate problem that you face and want to solve. Now to find that problem there is a certain technique that business gurus teach and is absolutely no use! Yes, this is the reality! There are a lot of people you will find on the internet who will give you advice yet they do not have a business of their own.

how to start a youtube channel guides, articles and business roadmaps
Business Development Roadmaps, Guides And Articles

With that in mind, we carefully went through hundreds of business articles, roadmaps, pearls of wisdom, learnings, and mistakes and collected all of them on one single page. This resulted in the arrangement of blogs from across the internet with over 200+ articles of founders, teachers, small business owners, graphic designers, and podcast notes from beginner to advanced levels.

Over 2000 students and job seekers tried & tested this method in 2021.

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Step 2: Learning the problem

Part of business is learning the problem. If you are creative enough then you will find a way to solve the problem. However, there is an alternative route, which is to learn from the people who have achieved what you want to achieve. Of course, now you don't want to take advice from a blacksmith on how to rent a house, do you?

free courses business development courses from the best founders and startups around the world
Business Mentors, Guides, Courses From CEO And Founders

You need mentors, collaborators, guidance, and of course legal understanding of how a business works. With that all in mind, we collected the best courses from the founders, CEO, and Google themselves who share knowledge on how to build a company.

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Step 3: Keeping your business and yourself in check

While the journey of starting a business is all great, it's not great every day. You need to have a high threshold for pain when you are starting a business. Here's a lesson, we learned from the industry leaders like Amazon: It's always day 1. How does this apply? If you ever think you have achieved mastery in building a business, think again!

cambridge university free personality test
Free Personality Tests By Cambridge University

We have collected the best personality traits test that will help you understand- Yourself! This will, in turn, help you run your business better, and finally, you will find the age-old questions answer- Why am so anxious all the time?

Step 4: Revisit where you started

In business, if you are not humble, the business will make you humble. Hence you need to constantly keep revisiting the places where you started. Otherwise, the business will be doomed to failure.

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