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Free Cloud Computing Certification from Eduonix| | AWS, GCP, Azure | Allin1hub Course Reviews

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Cloud computing is simply carrying your virtual storage and accessing it from anywhere and from any device such as a Mobile phone, Laptop, and any device which can store and connect with the internet. If you read this blog completely you will get:

1) Edounix Cloud Computing: What is it and Why to use it?

2) Edounix Cloud Computing: Main Attraction

3) Edounix Cloud Computing: Who should learn it?

Some Course Details:

Offered By: Eduonix

Cost: Free

Certificate: Yes

Structure: All videos

Time: 2.5hrs

Allin1hub ratings: 7/10

How to register: With Email account

What is Edonix Cloud Computing?

Eduonix is an online platform where provides quality courses on various topics such as Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and degree level certifications. This course touches on the vital areas of Cloud computing which you read below in the section on why to use Eduonix cloud. At the end of the course, they provide a course summary in video format which is useful to glance over the topics.

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Why do Eduonix Cloud Computing?

It's a package deal for anyone who wants to just learn about cloud computing under 3 to 4 hours only the concept though. It would be great for students who want to get their theory straight on the concepts without much of the application. Remember only theory, other than that you would have to learn it from the industry leaders themselves such as AWS, IBM, Microsoft which you can find in Cloud Computing

Main Attraction!

It's under 3 hours! The course covers three main topics of IAAS, PAAS, SAAS with respect to AWS, Redhat, Google Cloud Compute with the specific examples and a little practical method of it. If you want to hear the truth, I would recommend taking an in-depth course that would add knowledge.

Who should learn Google Machine Learning?

If you are a college kid or anyone with the least Cloud Computing knowledge and is curiously searching for a course get through the major topics on Cloud this is your go-to course

I would give course 6 out of 10 for its video lecture and the frame of this course.

Here you have folks it if you are interested in Cloud computing for the College exams Eduonix got you covered

Course link: Eduonix Cloud Computing

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