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Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Did you know what percentage of people take courses every day? Around 66% of people take the course and leave it in thin air as the course becomes I will start tomorrow

Step by step guide on how to complete the online course by allin1hub

How do you stop this?

To answer the question, you need to ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Why I'm doing this course?

  2. What is the benefit for me from this course?

  3. How should I approach the course?

Let's get from the head to the toe, so it will be easy to stitch everything together

1. The Why?-

The reason why you are searching for any particular course in the first


Let's say you are into Machine Learning and don't know anything about it, so you wander across the entire internet and find a course worth your needs. Okay, now you need to hold to that course for a little longer(why in step 2). Ask yourself Why in the world do I need to learn Machine Learning in the first place? And if possible write it down somewhere, it will be useful later (In step 3).


2. What is the course target ?

(in short, benefit for you).

You are going to invest a lot of time in doing this course. Let's say the course is 30 hours course, that means you are investing at least 30 hours in the course + the time you take to understand the concepts of it. So make sure your benefit are met before you enroll in the course. (Inside note: Look at the content of the course and the instructor who is teaching the course and your benefit as well)

3. How should I do the course?

To answer this question, let's take my example. I usually enroll myself in FREE certificate courses and until today they were enjoying with a little exception. These courses range from 3 hours to 70 hours and I make sure I am committed to the course and finish it no matter what. This is where your "Why" that you wrote down will be useful. Before starting Day 1 of the course I always set a deadline say 20 days or 1 month or something similar and then plan it backward.

Let me explain'- Say my course is 34 hrs course and I set my deadline to 30 days. Now I know I have done 1 hour of the course every day for 28 days and for 2 days anywhere in the middle I must do 2 hours so to complete it under my deadline. This gives assurance that I am on the track to doing the course and 1 hour each is easy for anyone.


If the course is 3 hours then to the same routine- plan, deadline, and 45 mins every day until completion.

Now a homework for you, what is your current need to do the course and write down the benefits you will receive after completing the course.

Email it to us, and we will help you find all the courses and plan the schedule along with it.


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