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How To Learn Creative Thinking Tools and Techniques | Coursera | Allin1hub Review

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking is the solution to many problems and ideas in today’s ever-growing and changing world. The challenging world demands creative thinking and reflect on it and look for problems to a fresh angle and producing novel solutions.

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Creative Thinking | Allin1hub

Why creative thinking is important?

In our day to day life, we need to be quick and rational thinking which saves our time but mostly we take decision by the subconscious mind which require less reasoning bias.

In order to make a decision and improve opinion its necessary to thinking critically before taking the action

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Creative people have more lifespan | Allin1hub

What you'll learn from the course?

  1. Principles of creativity

  2. Types of creativity tools

  3. Types of thinking styles

  4. Using combination tools to generate idea

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What you will learn? | Allin1hub

What do I learn from the course?

1. Brainstorming tools the application of this is the main focus on group activity with the goal of understanding people’s thoughts and encourage group members to generate eligible ideas. There are many types such as brainwriting, post its, flipchart any many more techniques to proceed.

2. six Thinking styles are where often people use anger and happiness in the conversations but not many of us do not recognize that there are more thinking styles you can apply in your workspace. In this thinking, styles are expressed as a colour such as red expresses as an emotional, gut feeling towards problems, color are, and yellow expresses as an optimistic view of problems.

3. Morphological analysis in this you can create a life scenario such as if you are writing a story, movie plot, and never expected storyline then the morphological analysis will develop your idea generation within a small-time frame.

4. Triz is the process where the theory of inventive problem-solving happens it can mold and enhance the original idea which is the foundation of the triz contradiction matrix at the individual or group level.

These techniques will help you to gain competency in various domains to reflect on how can you deal with problems if this blog helps you then let us know in the comment section!

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Course link- Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success

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Written By - Abhishek Patil